Employee Communications Training

This course will introduce employees to the concepts and basic dos and don’ts of Communication in the workplace. A relevant topic for any organization, this course will provide information that is relevant to employees of all levels and years of experience. It’s never too soon to give your organization a quick walk-through on the essentials of communication, especially to those who have never worked in a professional environment before. The participant will be engaged and educated throughout the course via various video clips and mini quizzes that will stimulate the mind and reinforce the important concepts relevant to communication.

Duration: 1 hour

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At Motiv8, a Voyig company, we specialize in the delivery of high-quality courses in an online, easily consumable format.  Our courses are designed for and have been taken by companies of all sizes, across many industries, from start-ups to Fortune 500s.  We found that many of our clients are looking for training alternatives that can be quickly consumed and promote retention of the topics covered, so we transformed our suite of courses, traditionally delivered through live, day-long, in-person training sessions, to be played on your computer or mobile screen at the users convenience.

While the rise of the internet has caused adults’ attention spans to diminish down to 5 minutes over the past decade, online television streaming services, sporting events, and video games are alternatively commanding a higher share of the average person’s time unlike anything else before. In the wake of this phenomenon, we chose to re-engineer our training library to exploit these changes in human behavior. Our online courses are woven with high quality content, entertaining media clips, and interactive knowledge checkpoints. Additionally, the majority of our courses are less than 2 hours and are broken down into 3-7 minute sections. Not only does this model accommodate adults’ attention spans, but also allows participants the flexibility to start and stop as needed. We have found that by utilizing this formula, engagement and retention rates are much higher than many traditional in-person courses.

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86% of employees and executives blame lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for workplace failures.

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During this course, employees will learn: 

  • Why communication is important for individuals and the organization as a whole;
  • How to become an effective communicator in the organization;
  • How to properly communicate in workplace situations…

...and many more!