Excel 2016: Beginner

Are you new to Excel 2016 or spreadsheets? This Excel 2016 Beginner course is for you.


Learn by Doing! Michael Jordan didn't become an NBA star by watching basketball on TV; this course is completely interactive - it recreates the experience of actually using Microsoft Excel 2016! Each bite-size lesson also includes a step-by-step illustrated courseware reference.

CustomGuide is used by thousands of the world’s most demanding organizations, including Harvard University, Facebook, and the U.S. Senate.

Software Skills Training

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  Getting Started
  Understand the Excel Screen 3:25
  Create Workbooks 1:21
  Navigate Worksheets 1:12
  Open and Save Workbooks 1:51
  Print 0:54
  Help 1:29
  Close and Exit 0:59
  Edit a Workbook
  Select Cells and Ranges 1:52
  Edit Cell Data 2:13
  Cut, Copy, and Paste 1:37
  More Pasting Options 2:07
  AutoFill 1:40
  Insert, Move, and Delete Cells 1:48
  Check Spelling 1:16
  Find and Replace Text 2:09
  Hide Columns and Rows 1:03
  Format Worksheets
  Format Text 2:10
  Align and Merge Cells 2:09
  Format Numbers and Dates 2:27
  Borders and Background Colors 1:30
  Copy Formatting 0:41
  Row Heights and Column Widths 1:42
  Apply Conditional Formatting 2:30
  Apply and Remove Cell Styles 1:29
  Create and Modify Cell Styles 1:58
  Find and Replace Formatting 1:52
  Insert an Image 0:41
  Build Formulas
  Formula Basics 3:38
  Sums and Averages 1:31
  Reference External Worksheets 2:05
  Absolute and Relative References 3:39
  Cell and Range Names 2:59
  Financial Formulas 2:23
  Logical Formulas 2:30
  Text Formulas 1:39
  VLOOKUP 4:05
  Formula Errors 4:21




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Works on tablet devices.