Excel 2016: Intermediate

You know the basics of Excel 2016, but you're ready to move on to creating charts, formulas, and more - this Excel 2016 Intermediate course is for you.


Learn by Doing! Michael Jordan didn't become an NBA star by watching basketball on TV; this course is completely interactive - it recreates the experience of actually using Microsoft Excel 2016! Each bite-size lesson also includes a step-by-step illustrated courseware reference.

CustomGuide is used by thousands of the world’s most demanding organizations, including Harvard University, Facebook, and the U.S. Senate.

Software Skills Training

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  View and Manage Worksheets
  View Worksheets 2:42
  Move and Copy Worksheets 1:12
  Insert, Rename, and Delete Worksheets 1:26
  Freeze Rows and Columns 2:20
  Hiding Worksheets and Gridlines 1:56
  Create Charts 1:26
  Move and Resize 1:03
  Chart Types 1:51
  Layout and Style 1:14
  Titles and Legends 2:06
  Gridlines, Labels, and Data Tables 1:57
  Chart Elements 2:01
  Modify Chart Data 2:24
  Filter Charts 1:29
  Sparklines 1:31
  Print Worksheets
  Page Size and Scale 1:12
  Print Area and Page Breaks 1:29
  Print Titles and Headings 1:04
  Headers and Footers 1:30
  Margins and Orientation 1:09




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Works on tablet devices.