OneNote 2013

Microsoft OneNote is a digital notebook for keeping track of what’s important in your life. Type or write down your ideas, keep track of meeting notes, clip and save items from the web, make lists, and more. Learn how OneNote can capture and organize everything and share it with other users.


Learn by Doing! Michael Jordan didn't become an NBA star by watching basketball on TV; this course is completely interactive - it recreates the experience of actually using Microsoft OneNote 2013! Each bite-size lesson also includes a step-by-step illustrated courseware reference.

CustomGuide is used by thousands of the world’s most demanding organizations, including Harvard University, Facebook, and the U.S. Senate.

Software Skills Training

DigitalChalk Perform



  The Fundamentals
  Understand the Screen 2:53
  The Quick Access Toolbar 1:42
  Change Views 2:33
  Search Notes 2:15
  Print 1:18
  Help 0:57
  Notebook Basics
  Open and Create 2:27
  Close, Exit, and Delete 1:36
  Sections 1:30
  Section Groups 3:06
  Pages and Subpages 2:33
  Notebook Properties 1:54
  Recycle Bin 2:12
  Notebook Backup 1:56
  Add Notebook Content
  Type Notes 1:51
  Write Notes 1:24
  Write Equations 2:36
  Edit Written Notes 3:33
  Tag Notes 3:30
  Quick Notes 2:51
  Screen Clippings 2:59
  Link Content 3:03
  Insert Images 2:07
  Record Content 2:42
  Tables 2:54
  Format Notebooks
  Format Text 2:10
  Format the Background 1:56
  Styles 2:06
  Lists 1:39
  Time Stamp Notes 1:30
  Paper Size and Margins 1:11
  Spell Check 1:15
  Use an Existing Template 1:44
  Custom Templates 1:47
  Set a Default Template 1:09
  Using OneNote with Office
  Send Notebook Content 1:26
  Add Files 2:51
  Embed a Spreadsheet 2:06
  Convert a Table to a Spreadsheet 1:11
  Add Outlook Meeting Details 2:34
  Send Notes with Outlook 2:41
  Outlook Tasks 2:06
  Share and Collaborate
  Export Notebooks 2:48
  Create Shared Notebooks 2:05
  Share Content 2:34
  Sync Changes 0:59
  Review Changes 2:09
  Stop Sharing 1:58
  Password Protection 2:59
  Versions 1:42




A browser that supports either HTML5 or Adobe Flash. Third party cookies must be enabled. For an optimal experience the screen resolution should be at least 1024x640 pixels.


Works on tablet devices.